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10418500 TRX

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Powerful Technology

Your accounts are completely safe in our database designed with up-to-date technologies. Your earnings are never lost.


Provably Fair

We offer you "Stake" technology with Tron infrastructure.


Trusted Globally

In parallel with the logic of blockchain, we started to serve all over the world at the same time.

what is twoxtron

We offer passive income by staking Tron.

Our Mission

To provide continuous income opportunity in a reliable environment.

Our Vision

To provide earning opportunities in all countries of the world thanks to blockchain technology.

The Future

We aim to offer investment opportunities for all coins with stake technology.

about us

What is Tron staking technology?

When you make a transfer on the Tron network, the network gives you coins as a reward. TwoXTron enables millions of simultaneous transfers on its high-capacity servers. Thanks to millions of transfers made per minute, we can perform Tron coin mining.

How do we evaluate investments?

We cover the initial transfer commissions of the wallets created on our servers with the investments made. In this way, we can increase the mining income at a high rate by establishing an inflation balance.


Generating Secure and Adaptive Smart Earnings Model

Hack-proof servers.

Next generation stable blockchain based software


Scalable, Fast and Ultra Secure Transactions

The contracts on our platform not only ellentesque vestibulum rmentum velit non placerat aecenase in hendrerit justo quisque quis rhoncus huge exeget semper semlamat lobortis velit estibulum ante.

Thanks to the fast approval system, you can make a deposit within 3 minutes.

Likewise, transactions that take place in seconds with fast Withdraw technology.

Even if you log out, your earnings will continue to be credited to your account every second.


Powerful and Absolutely Secure Tokenization


Your earnings will continue to be automatically added to your account 24/7. You don't need to follow.


We encrypt your information in the database.


Get to Know Our System's Key Features & Benefits



User-friendly app and account creation, intuitive also for casual bettors.


Unique Features

Increase the income you will get from your references thanks to the rank system.


Social Engagement

Get high profits thanks to the reference system.


Safe & Transparent

Smart Contracts shield funds and bets from manipulation.

Earnings rates
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 1
  • 49.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 50
  • 99.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 100
  • 249.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 250
  • 499.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 500
  • 999.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 1000
  • 4999.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 5000
  • 9999.99
  • TRX
  • TRX
Daily Profit


Deposit Amounts

  • 10000
  • 100000
  • TRX
  • TRX

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common frequently asked questionshendrerit justo quisque quis rhoncus exeget semper semlamat lobortis velit estibulum ante.

How much minimum deposit can I make?

A minimum deposit of 1 TRX is accepted.

How much maximum deposit can I make?

Each member can deposit a maximum of 100000 TRX. If you want to make a higher deposit amount, please contact us.

I made a deposit before, can I do it again?

Yes, each deposit is an investment in itself and is processed separately. Each account can make unlimited deposits.

Can I be a self-reference?

No, this is prohibited. Once detected, your account will be disabled.

Can I advertise wherever I want?

Yes, you can advertise wherever you want.

What is the rank system?

Your total referral earnings determine your rank. The higher your rank, the higher the bonuses you will get from your referrals.

What should I do to increase my rank?

The more references you have, the higher your rank will be.

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